Racing Welfare Services

Throughout the uncertainties of the past year, a steady beacon of light has shone across the racing industry in the form of the support offered to racing’s workforce by Racing Welfare.

The charity offers professional guidance and practical help to enable people to thrive in a variety of ways and help them negotiate challenges.  It provides a range of resources which promote wellbeing and positive mental health which has been so vital to the industry.

At a time when many of its usual fundraising events have been curtailed the Racing Welfare team have provided podcasts, virtual tours of training centres, preview evenings and a range of activities promoting racing, engaging new and existing participants and making them open and accessible to all. 

Over the past year the charity saw an 80% increase in the number of people using its services.  This has been partly driven by issues related to Covid-19, but also due to the charity continuing to expand and develop its services to be more accessible.  

As a partner to the charity, we are pleased to announce that Racing Welfare has offered to extend access to the following services to ROA members:

  • Racing’s Support Line - ‘in the moment’ telephone support from an accredited counsellor, available 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Access to professional counselling - via telephone or online to suit the individual
  • Telephone Information Service – advice on a range of matters, with all advisors being Citizens Advice Bureau trained.
  • Woebot – an easy to use app created by Stanford-trained psychologists that enables users to access in the moment emotional support 24/7. The app checks in on you, helping you track your mood, identify patterns and give insight into particular issues or concerns that you may not have realised were causing emotional distress. Woebot can teach techniques and tools such as behavioural therapies or breathing exercises.  
  • Sleepstation – accessible through, Sleepstation is designed to help you overcome your sleep issues with effective, tried and tested methods which are easily implemented into your life.

These services are available now and will be offered for a year, as part of a trial.  Other initiatives are expected to come online later this year.

The exceptional circumstances of the Covid 19 pandemic have brought us all in contact with those affected by isolation, bereavement and business and personal financial pressures.  Owners haven’t been immune to this and many have been balancing these challenges with their responsibilities as an owner and with loyalty to all those involved in the care of their racehorse. 

We hope that members will find access to these services reassuring at a time when some practical support may be most needed. 

To access Racing Welfare’s services outlined above, please see or call 0800 6300 443 in confidence.  Please introduce yourself as an ROA member to access the services outlined above.