BHA registration discounts

ROA members receive a 20% discount on many BHA registration fees. This works out as an average saving of £75 per member.

If you are a sole owner, the discount will be applied to all relevant fees as listed below.

If you are involved in a Club or a Syndicate then the majority of the club/syndicate managers will need to be members of the ROA in order for the discounts to be applied.

If you are involved in a partnership then the discount is applied according to how the charges to the partnership are managed:-

Fees are charged to a partnership account

Then the relevant proportion of the discount is applied based on the number of owners who are ROA members:

  • If the fee is a horse-specific one e.g. naming, then this is done based on the percentage of the horse owned by ROA members.  For example, if 75% of the horse is owned by ROA members then 75% of the discount will be applied.
  • If the fee is non horse-specific e.g. registration of colours, then this is done on the number of partners who are ROA members.  For example, if 2 out of the 3 partners are ROA members, then 66% of the discount will be applied, regardless of the actual ownership percentages.
  • Please note that an Authority to Act is registered to an individual and not an ownership entity and therefore this discount will only be applied if the applicant is an ROA member.

Fees are split between the individual partners

Then the discount is only applied to those partners who are ROA members, for whatever percentage of the fee they are paying.

Below is a selection of registration fees with the ROA member discount applied. If you have a query relating to a fee that is not listed here please email [email protected] 

Discounts on Ownership Fees

Fees from January 1, 2023

  Fee ex VAT Fee inc VAT
Sole Owner £95.75 £114.90
Racing Club £362.08 £434.50
Company registration £904.92 £1,085.90
Syndicate £362.08 £434.50
Partnership £232.58 £279.10
Change of a partner £107.58 £129.10
Lease (Initial) £52.08 £62.50
Lease (Re-Registration) £26.33 £31.60
Single Race Lease £169.75 £203.70
Change of Syndicate / Racing Club / Partnership name £38.25 £45.90

Discounts on Colours registration

Fees from January 1, 2023


  Fee ex VAT Fee inc VAT
Single year (No HIT) £79.42 £95.30
5 year (No HIT) £386.17 £463.40
10 year (No HIT) £752.67 £903.20
20 year (No HIT) £1,426.08 £1,711.30
Single year (HIT) £63.92 £76.70
5 year (HIT) £311.42 £373.70
10 year (HIT) £606.83 £728.20
20 year (HIT) £1,150.00 £1,380.00
  £158.58 £190.30

Discounts on Sponsorship registration

Fees from January 1, 2023

  Fee ex VAT Fee inc VAT
Sponsorship Agreements - individuals £33.42 £40.10
Sponsorship Agreements - trainers yards (basic - 10 - 25 horses) £45.67 £54.80
Sponsorship Agreements - trainers yards (large - more than 25 horses) £91.08 £109.30

Discounts on VAT charges

Fees from January 1, 2023

  Fee ex VAT Fee inc VAT
Authority to Act £61.92 £74.30
D1 Registration £32.42 £38.90
D2 Registration £64.92 £77.90
VAT administration £45.67 £54.80

Discounts on naming and passport procedures

Fees from January 1, 2023

  Fee ex VAT Fee inc VAT
Name Reservation £135.08 £162.10
Registration of horse name £99.92 £119.90
Temporary Name Reservation £44.92 £53.90
Identity Check £49.25 £59.10
Issue / Revision / Re-issue £55.83 £67.00
Replacement of lost Passport £119.33 £143.20
RCN £46.42 £55.70

To qualify, an Owner must be a member of the ROA (in the same name as their Registered Owner name) at the time the registration fees apply.  Discounts will only be applied retrospectively for newly registered owners, so long as they join the ROA within 14 days of registering with the BHA.