ROA Owners Jackpot

Grassroots racing matters. To help nurture it the ROA Owners Jackpot scheme focuses on horses racing in Class 4-6 races. Since its inception in 2014 it has paid out more than £400,000. Once again throughout 2019 the ROA Owners Jackpot,  will give members the opportunity to share in owner-related bonuses. Every month one horse race in Britain will be chosen for a £2,000 bonus. If the winning horse belongs to an ROA member, the extra payment is made on top of the prize-money on offer from the racecourse. If the race is won by a horse belonging to an owner who is not part of the ROA, the bonus will be rolled-on to another race later in the year.

The chosen races are only staged at courses which have signed up to the racing industry’s prize-money agreement, and as a further incentive to boost owners' prize-money the weekly races will be run only at racecourses where there is a guaranteed minimum prize fund of £6,500 per contest.

This year each bonus race has been improved, and now features:

  • £250 travel expenses for each qualified runner
  • £500 Yard bonus for the winning yard if the horse is qualified, and the trainer is an ROA Member
  • £500 Breeder bonus for the winning breeder if the horse is qualified, and the breeder is an ROA Member

Is your horse eligible to win the Jackpot?

  • Sole Owner - are you a member of the ROA?
  • Partnerships - is the horse registered at least 51% in the ownership of ROA members?
  • Clubs and Syndicates - the majority of the club/syndicate managers will need to be members of the ROA to qualify.

If you have answered YES to one of the above questions then your horse is eligible to win the Owners Jackpot!

If you are not yet a member, join now to ensure your horse's eligibility for the Owners Jackpot >>

Please email us if you are unsure whether your horse is eligible.

Full Terms and Conditions are listed here:

Owners Jackpot Terms and Conditions


Owners must have joined the ROA prior to their horse's race being run. Jackpot prizes cannot be awarded retrospectively.


The upcoming ROA Owners Jackpot races in 2019 are as follows:


Tues 9 April


 1m Class 5 4yo+ 0-70 Handicap

Wed 15 May

Newton Abbot

 2m 2 1/2f Class 5 4yo+ 0-100 Handicap Hurdle

Thurs 6 June

Haydock Park

 5f Class 5 3yo 0-70 Handicap

Wed 3 July


 2m Class 6 4yo+ 0-60 Handicap

Tues 6 Aug

Ripon (eve)

 6f Class 5 2yo 0-70 Nursery

Mon 4 Sept


 3m Class 4 4yo+ 0-115 Handicap Hurdle

Wed 2 Oct


 5f Class 5 3yo+ 0-75 Handicap

Tues 12 Nov


 3m1f Class 4 4yo+ 0-120 Novices’ Handicap Chase

Wed 27 Nov


 2m 3 1/2f Class 4 3yo+ 0-120 Conditional Jockey’s Handicap Hurdle