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While every racehorse owner dreams of owning the next Frankel or Kauto Star, at the ROA we're aware that many horses - and therefore their owners - compete in lower grade racing. These owners support racing for the love of horses and of the sport - often with barely any financial return. They are the foundation of the industry: they are the grassroots owners.

Remember, it takes the same amount of money to keep a horse in training if it's a Derby winner, or if it can only trail home last in a seller.

So what's the ROA doing to support these important owners?

  • ROA Jackpot – every week the ROA will support one horse race in Britain with a £2,000 bonus. If the winning horse belongs to an ROA member, the extra payment is made on top of the advertised prize-money. If the race is won by a horse belonging to an owner who is not part of the ROA, the bonus will be rolled-on to another race later in the year. The scheme has paid out over a quarter of a million pounds so far.
  • Prize-money agreements – created under the Horseman’s Group banner, and with the support of the racecourses, the ROA has helped establish a contractual link between media rights payments made to racecourses and their contribution to prize-money.

    For the first time ever, 55 racecourses have agreed to contribute at least 33% or 40% of their media rights payments to prize-money through standard and premier tier agreements respectively, thus guaranteeing Racing’s participants a share of the income tracks receive in media revenues.

    These agreements produced an increase of nearly £5 million in prize-money, contributing to a record total in 2014. The four courses who have not signed up to Prize-money agreements are Catterick Bridge, Plumpton, Redcar and Towcester.
  • Membership benefits - we're ensuring our members save money on goods and services they need as owners. Many find membership of the ROA can save them thousands in fees, insurance costs, racedays and VAT reclaimation.

    As an owner you're better off as a member. And for the equivalent of 63p a day it's ideal for any owner. Join us now.




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