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ROA/SIS Owner-Sponsorship

The ROA has run an owner sponsorship scheme with SIS since 2012. During that time almost 43,000 horses have run in races with jockeys sporting the SIS branding. The scheme is valued by members as it allows them to register for and reclaim the VAT charged on the purchase price of their horse and many associated fees. This can represent an annual recovery of over £4,000.

SIS withdrew sponsorshp of the scheme in the summer of 2018, however to ensure continuity for members the ROA will be fully funding all subsequent schemes until a new sponsor is in place. The SIS logos will remain in use during this time but there has been no new deal with SIS and their logos will be replaced in due course.

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Should I be sponsored?

  • Owners who secure sponsorship for their racing activities can register for VAT.
  • Owners can reclaim VAT on the purchase price of their horse (if applicable) and this can be claimed up to three years after the purchase of the horse if owned 100%.
  • Owners can also reclaim VAT on their racing expenses – including training fees, transport costs, veterinary fees and jockeys fees – backdated up to six months. This can represent an annual recovery of over £4,000.
If you are not already registered for VAT, just think of the savings that could be made!

For full terms and conditions and to find out how to maximise the benefits
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Does the ROA provide sponsorship?...

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  • The ROA runs the Satellite Information Services (SIS) Owner-Sponsorship Scheme.
  • This will provide sponsorship for horses in training which are wholly owned by ROA members.
    • In the case of a Racing Club or Syndicate, then all club/syndicate managers need to be ROA members in order for the horse to be eligible for the scheme.
    • Where the horse is owned in a Partnership, all owners need to be ROA Members.
  • A sponsorship payment of £10 per horse is made to the owner upon joining, with an additional £90 paid to the owner at the end of the scheme provided the horse has run in Britain.
  • Sponsored horses will need to carry a SIS logo on the chest and collar of the owner's colours. There are no provisions for branding on attendants clothing or horse rugs.

Ways to apply for the scheme:

Making Tax Digital

Owners whose racing interests are VAT registered and whose vatable turnover (principally prize money and sponsorship income) is greater than the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000) will be required to comply with the new MTD legislation from April 2019 in relation to their VAT returns.

Find out more on our Making Tax Digital page

For full terms and conditions and to find out how to maximise the benefits
of Owner Sponsorship, click here

If you have any questions on the SIS Owner-Sponsorship scheme please contact 020 7152 0200, or by e-mail to



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