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Becoming an Owner

  1. Guide to Racehorse Ownership

    Guide to Racehorse Ownership

    The ROA's Guide to Racehorse Ownership is a 60-page online resource, designed to provide a handbook for existing and potential racehorse owners.

  2. How much does it cost to be a Racehorse Owner?

    How much does it cost to be a Racehorse Owner?

    The age old question! We have all the answers here

  3. Types of Racehorse Ownership

    Types of Racehorse Ownership

    Not sure of your Syndicate from your Partnership? Find out more about the different types of Ownership here

  4. Syndicates and Clubs

    Syndicates and Clubs

    The essentials to think about when looking for a Racing Club or Syndicate to join.

  5. Leasing


    Can't afford the initial outlay of buying a horse? Leasing may be the answer

  6. Choosing Your Trainer

    Choosing Your Trainer

    Links to searchable Trainer Listings

  7. Going to the Sales

    Going to the Sales

    Tips and advice for Owners when going to the sales

  8. Going to the races

    Going to the races

    The dream is finally coming true. But what what should you expect when racing with a runner for the first time? Our handy guide gives pointers

  9. Parade Ring Safety Guidance

    Parade Ring Safety Guidance

    The RCA, NTF and ROA have collaborated to produce a Code of Good Practice to promote safety in equine areas.

  10. Racing Replays

    Racing Replays

    Been racing with a runner? Find out where you can find the race online and relive the finish again!

  11. Your PASScard

    Your PASScard

    Details on how you use the RCA's new PASScard system to collect your badges when you have a runner - or when using the RBSO.



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