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Your PASScard

Important information regarding your entry to the races with your PASScard


The RCA have sent out PASScards to all active registered racehorse owners. This new card will act as your means of admittance when you have a runner. It has also been linked to your ROA membership and can be activated for the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners when you qualify. Please use this card as you would do your (blue) Horseracing Privilege Card.

Please keep your blue Horseracing Privilege Card, as this has your ROA Membership number on it. This can also be found on the back of the new card, against “Card number”.

Through the new system, Owners can log into the RCA's Pass concierge facility ( and pre-designate their allocation of badges to their guests. But don't worry if you do not have access to the internet regularly, as your card will continue to work as your previous PASScard or Horse Racing Privilege Card did when you present it at the Owners and Trainers entrance. 

If you have not yet received your new PASScard or log in details, please contact the RCA directly on 01344 873 536.

Your allocation of badges on days when you have a runner will be available to view on the online PASScard system after 2pm on the day of declaration.

During the Festive Period 2017

The declaration process slightly alters over the festive period for some meetings. The Boxing Day fixtures will declare on Saturday 23 December and Owners and Trainers will have access to the concierge system after 2.00pm on this day.

The only other fixture that is effected is the All-weather meeting at Wolverhampton on the 27 December, which will declare 24 hours before on the 26 December, not 48 hours before.

There is a PASScard helpdesk number available via Weatherbys: 01933 270 333.

The RCA have released a set of Frequently Asked Questions which you may find of use:

  PASScard FAQ (Dec 17)

Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners 2017

All qualifying members will have their card automatically activated for January 1 2017. To qualify, ROA Members’ need to show as having 50% of a horse in full training with Weatherbys (or are one of two nominated partners in a racing partnership). If you do not qualify straight away, our system will automatically activate your card once your ownership reaches this threshold.

There is no need to apply for the scheme.

To check your current activation status please log into the ROA Members Area, and click on Member Profile.

If you do not currently qualify for the Racecourse Badge Scheme, we do have two new schemes which members who own less than 50% of a horse in training can use - the ROA / ARC Admission Scheme and the ROA / JCR Admission Scheme. 





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