ROA Board

The ROA has a Board of 14 members, including the ROA chief executive. Elected Board members are required to stand for re-election every three years. Most Board members are elected through an annual ballot amongst all members of the ROA, and there is an opportunity for the Board to co-opt members to widen the skillset and knowledge of the team.


Charlie Parker image
Charlie Parker

President - Elected 2020

Positions and companies: Elected to Board 2015 Owner of Crimbourne Stud Limited and Director of various other leisure and insurance businesses. Chief Executive the Club Company and the Country Club Group.
Years as owner: 25
Horses owned: Roz, Ifni Du luc, Gotonetoo, Master Mac, Benartic, Zeuss, Black Label, Verdana Blue, Vegas Blue

Chris Wright CBE image
Chris Wright CBE

Vice President - Elected 2019

Positions and companies: Co-opted to ROA Board 2016. Co-founder and Chairman of Chrysalis Group 1968 to 2011. Previous TBA Board Member.
Years as owner: 35
Horses owned: Culture Vulture, Chriselliam, Dark Angel, Bungle in the Jungle, Crime of Passion.

Khalid Almudhaf image
Khalid Almudhaf

Co-Opted 2021

Positions and Companies: Board Member of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Board member of the Public Authority of Industry Chairman of Hygiene Products Industries Company, Vice Chaiman of MTC Group Holding Company.
Years as an owner: 26
Horses Owned: Lahaleeb, Kessaar, Laugh Out Loud, Divine,Azmeel, Naahy, and Iftiraas.

Steven Astaire image
Steven Astaire

Board Member - Elected 2016

Positions and companies: Retired. 46 years Investment Manager, Stockbroker. Chairman, Astaire and Partners (Stockbrokers). ROA Board Member for 25 years over a period of 32 years, Past Chairman of the Point-to-Point Secretaries Association, Past Director of Point-to-Point Authority Limited, retired Amateur Jockey 
Years as owner: 45
Horses owned: Yahoo, Hiram B Birdbath, Funchen View

Philip Davies image
Philip Davies

Board Member - Elected 2021

Current business position and company name: Member of Parliament, Officer of All Party Parliamentary Group on Racing and Bloodstock (2007 – current) and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Betting and Gaming (2010-2020)
Years as owner: 18.
Horses owned: Blue Collar Glory (50%); Escalade (50%) Desert Vision (25%); Osolomio (20%); Nessen Dorma (20%)

Yvette Dixon image
Yvette Dixon

Board Member - Elected 2016

Positions and Companies: Owner and breeder. Stud Owner Haygarth House. Founding member Leger Legends committee, Current member Racing Welfare Doncaster Race Day Committee
Years as owner: 20+
Horses owned: Milk it Mick, Singhalese, Ascertain, No Time, Docofthebay, Red Wine, Coastal Bluff, Daldini, Little Big Horse and Snowmore 

Celia Djivanovic image
Celia Djivanovic

Board Member - Elected 2018

Positions and companies: Solicitor at Lovell White Durrant, Lay member Avon & Somerset Police Authority, Events Committee of British Horse Trials, Trustee of The Horse Trust.
Years as owner: 9
Horses Owned: Dusky Lark, Cannington Brook, Marshal Zhukov, and others

Tom Goff image
Tom Goff

Board Member - Elected 2019

Positions and companies: Director – Blandford Bloodstock, Epsom Downs Race Committee (2003-11) 
Years as an Owner: 19 
Horses Owned: Stars To Shine, Grizedale, Hunter Street, River Thames, Dutch Diamond 

Mouse Hamilton-Fairley image
Mouse Hamilton-Fairley

Board Member - Elected 2021

Positions held in racing: Dual purpose trainer 2000 - 2011
Years as owner: 35 years
Horses owned: Third Wind 100%, No Compromise 100% Town Mouse 50% Musical Script 20% Hatch a Plan 50%

Gay Kelleway image
Gay Kelleway

Board Member - Elected 2020

Positions and companies: Trainer, company director Gay Kelleway Racing, Trainer and jockey
Years as owner: 30+
Horses owned: Cosmelli

Ken McGarrity image
Ken McGarrity

Co-opted 2021. ROA Scotland Representative

Positions and Companies: Group Finance Director (non-executive), Nairns Oatcakes Group
Years as Owner: 15
Horses owned: Geronimo, Fair Minx, Sirwilliamwallace, Jacob Black

Alan Spence image
Alan Spence

Board Member - Elected 2017

Positions and companies: Chief Executive, Britannic Travel 1970 - 2006
Years as owner: 46
Horses owned: Profitable,Jukebox Jury, Fire Fighting, Priceless