BOARD ELECTION 2022 - application

The ROA application process to appoint new Board Members is now open. All interested members are invited to express their interest for one of the available positions. A total of three places are available.

Anyone wishing to apply must meet the following criteria

  • A member of the ROA
  • A Qualifying Owner at some time during the twelve-month period immediately preceding the date of joining the Board
  • Either a sole owner (or together with a spouse or civil partner, or an entity which is wholly owned by the candidate or with a spouse or civil partner) who owns 100% of one racehorse or interests in more than one Racehorse which add up to at least one hundred per cent; and the Racehorse(s) is trained in Great Britain


General Information

Following the recent Corporate Governance Review and aligned to our transition to a skills-based board, we are looking for candidates with applicable skills and experience in; Communications, Finance and Technology.
Please provide details of any relevant experience or areas of specific interest

Please provide a short manifesto explaining why you would like to join the Board and your future vision and aspirations for ownership and the ROA.

The Articles of Association require those standing for election to be seconded by four current ROA Members. Please provide details below:

Please upload a recent headshor. This should be in a jpeg format (maximum size 5MB)