Ownership Survey

In 2016, sports marketing agency Two Circles undertook the first National Racehorse Owners Survey on behalf of the ROA and BHA.

It aimed to create a consistent way of measuring the experience of owning a racehorse and understand the attitudes and motives of owners - both current and lapsed - to help the industry reveal insights into owner groups which are currently hard to reach. This would then be used to ensure fewer owners leave the sport and more become involved.

Among the main findings from the responses of 2,200 current racehorse owners and lapsed owners were:

  • The average age of a racehorse owner is 59;
  • The percentage of lapsed owners who cite facilities and treatment of owners at racecourses as a factor in their decision to give up ownership is 44%;
  • The average duration of ownership among ROA members is 6.5 years, compared to 4.7 years for all registered owners;
  • The satisfaction rating for the ownership experience among syndicate members is 8.2 (out of 10), compared to 7.5 for sole owners;
  • The percentage of lapsed owners who would like to own horses again is 73%;
  • The percentage of ROA members who remain an owner for 10 years is 35%, compared to 14% for all registered owners.

A more in-depth look at the findings can be found in the Executive Summary below: 

Owners Survey - Executive Summary


If you would like to delve a little deeper, Two Circles have produced detailed reports on three areas the survey covered:

Owners Experience


Trainer Experience


Racecourse Experience


The ROA will now work with the various parties within racing to devise strategies and initiatives to address the issues that owners have raised.

The ROA helped secure funding for this important project through support from the British Horseracing Grant Scheme, administered by the British Horseracing Authority on behalf of the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.