Plus 10

Plus 10 is an industry-funded bonus scheme for British and Irish Flat Thoroughbred owners and breeders which pays £10,000 (€12,500) bonuses to qualified two and three-year-old winners of Plus 10 races. The scheme will wind down, and end in 2021.

The bonus is shared between a horse’s registered owner, the payers of the scheme’s first two registration stages – typically the breeder and in some cases pinhooker – and trainer, jockey and stable staff.

Each year, the Plus 10 bonus prize pool will total £5.5 million, featuring on 550 two and three-year-old races in Britain and Ireland.

Which races are included in the scheme?


2YO: All Class 2, 3 and 4 Maiden, Novice and Conditions and Class 5 Fillies Only Maiden and Novice races*

3YO: All Class 2, 3 and 4 Maiden and Conditions and Class 5 Fillies Only Maiden races* and Class 5 maiden and condition races over a race distance of 11f and further.

*Subject to the total prize fund being less than £100,000


2YO: 100 bonuses available on all two-year-old, non-black-type races rolled over until all 100 bonuses are won.

3YO: Unclaimed two-year-old bonuses applied to three-year-old winners of Maiden races from the beginning of the 2016 Flat season, until all remaining bonuses are won.


To be qualified to win an unlimited number of £10,000 Plus 10 bonuses, a horse needs only be:

  • The progeny of a British or Irish domiciled mare or stallion
  • Paid up to a three stage registration process by the stipulated payment deadlines


The three registration stages are staggered across the foal, yearling and two-year-old years.

  • Foal Registration: due by 31 August in the foal year, cost £150
  • Yearling Registration: due by 30 June in the yearling year, cost £200
  • Owner Registration: due by 28 February in the two-year-old year, cost £350 (discount of £50 applies if paid while horse is still a yearling).

Breeze-up purchases: 

Don't forget Plus10 have a two week allowance for new owners to pay Owner Registration fee from the date of any Breeze Up purchase. To confirm if the Owners Registration is required to be paid, you can search for the horse details on the eligible horses page of the Plus 10 website;

If a registration stage is not paid by its stipulated deadline, a horse becomes ineligible for Plus 10 and retrospective payments from subsequent owners are not permitted.


The £10,000 bonus is split:

  • 75% to the registered owner at the time of the horse’s win
  • 10% to the payer of the Foal Registration
  • 10% to the payer of the Yearling Registration
  • 5% to the trainer, jockey and stable staff o the winning horse.

How to join:

To make a registration payment, the registrant must be the current owner of a horse.

To download a registration form, check a horse’s registration status and for more information, visit

To speak to a Plus 10 representative contact +44(0)20 7152 0026 or

Plus 10 bonus scheme to wind down by 2021

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today confirmed that the Plus 10 bonus scheme, which operates across more than 800 races in Britain and Ireland and has paid out over 1,700 bonuses totalling nearly £17.5 million pounds since its inception, will not be open for foal registrations for horses born in 2019, with the last bonus races being run in 2021.

This is because British funding for the scheme ceases in 2021. As Plus 10 is a joint scheme with Ireland, the scheme will close entirely in both countries.

Funding for 2018 born horses is already allocated and the Plus 10 bonus scheme will continue to cover races across Britain and Ireland for eligible horses already registered for Plus 10 through to 2021.

Additionally, in order to continue to support the current race programme until that time, changes have been made to the current bonus structure:

  • Total bonuses will reduce to £8,000/€10,000 per race
  • The foal registrant will continue to receive £1,000/€1,250 per race
  • The yearling registrant will continue to receive £1,000/€1,250 per race
  • The owner share will be reduced by 25% from £8,000/€10,000 to £6,000/€7,500 and will be split as follows:
    • The share received by the registered owner at the time of the horse’s win will be reduced to £5,625/€7,031.25, from £7,500/€9,375.
    • The Owner Registration fee of £350/€437.50 will decrease to £300/€375 to reflect this reduction, anybody who has already paid the Owner Registration fee will be contacted by Plus 10 and offered a refund or can choose to remain in the scheme on the revised terms.
    • The trainer, jockey and stable staff elements will reduce from £500/€625 to £375/€468.75

This revised bonus structure will come into effect for 2018 born horses in races from 1st January 2020. All 2017 born horses will continue to compete for £10,000 bonuses in 2020.