Trainer Pack

The ROA Trainer Pack, a resource for trainers and their office staff,was launched in April 2017. The Pack has been created in response to feedback collected from current and previous owners through the 2016 National Racehorse Owners Survey, a joint project between the ROA and the BHA. One of the key findings of the survey was that a poor trainer experience is second only to inconsistent racecourse experience as the top reason for owners leaving the sport. We plan to tackle this head on by supporting trainers to deliver the best possible ownership experience for all, thus keeping owners involved in racehorse ownership for longer.

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It is hoped that the information contained within the ROA Trainer Pack will be referred to by trainers and their office or senior staff when dealing with enquiries from new or existing owners on anything from owner registrations, sponsorship and VAT to leasing a horse for a day and having a runner abroad. Over time new chapters will be added and previous ones will be updated or amended as information and processes inevitably change.

If you would like to request any additional copies for your team, or if you have any feedback on the contents, then please email Sadie Evans on