ROA Racecourse Accreditation Scheme

The pinnacle of racehorse ownership is going racing with a runner. The raceday experience should be an enjoyable one, and many racecourses offer owners with a runner an unforgettable day.

The ROA Racecourse Accreditation Scheme was introduced in 2019 and rewards racecourses who achieve a minimum standard of performance. 

The ROA Racecourse Accreditation Scheme is assessed by AA Hospitality Services, who provide an independent and objective assessment of the raceday experience across all racecourses (Newmarket Rowley Mile and July courses are assessed separately).  The assessment measures over 50 aspects of the raceday, applying a number of criteria including:

  • Prize money metrics
  • Pre-Raceday Communications
  • Arrival
  • Staff
  • Owners & Trainers facilities
  • Syndicate provisions
  • Food and drink
  • Post-race Experience

All assessment areas are graded 1-5, and converted to a % score and accreditation is awarded on the achievement of a qualifying minimum percentage.  

Racecourses achieving an accreditation score of over 80% are to be assessed separately.  The top performing racecourses will then also receive recognition via an ROA Gold Standard Award, after the following aspects have been considered: 

  • Accreditation scores
  • Feedback received from Owners

The full criteria for the 2023 Racecourse Accreditation can be found here:

2023 ROA Racecourse Assessment Criteria.pdf




ROA Accreditation Scheme - 2022 results

The ROA Racecourse Accreditation Scheme was launched in 2019 to independently review the owners’ raceday experience using a defined set of criteria. We appointed AA Hospitality Services to benefit from their expertise to complete a fair, consistent and independent assessment and ability to provide constructive feedback.

In 2022, we introduced Owners Feedback, this is an important addition to the overall process as it allows owners to share their thoughts on the raceday experience. Courses achieving high standards across both elements have been awarded the Gold Standard signifying an exemplary performance.

The ROA’s goal is working, in close collaboration with racecourses to improve and enhance the raceday experience for owners. We collectively recognise that going racing with a runner is a highlight of being an owner, therefore we want to ensure that this is a positive and memorable experience and where possible exceeds expectations to recognise the commitment and contribution owners make to the Sport.

In 2022, 60 courses in the UK currently participated in the scheme, delivering an average percentage quality score of 80% with 12 courses attaining the ROA’s Gold Standard award for 2022.

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