Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners

All members of the ROA are eligible to obtain racecourse admission through the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners (RBSO). The scheme grants access to over 1,000 fixtures throughout the year, and in some cases members can also take along a guest under the scheme.

We strongly recommend that you pre-book your tickets as part of the enhanced approach and download your new digital PASScard for ease of access. 

ROA members should login into the RCA's PASS system where you will find a full list of qualifying fixtures to apply for. 

Please note that on PASS you can pre-book your badges from entry stage, which is six-days before the fixture.  To check whether a fixture later in the year will be participating, click on the appropriate month-by-month dropdown list located in the Members Area.

To book your tickets, please login to the RCA PASS system and confirm your attendance no later than 4pm the day before the race meeting.

If you have lost or not received your login details to that site please call the PASS helpdesk on 01933 270333.  They will be able to issue you with your PASS ID number (which is different to your ROA membership number) and email you a password setup link.

These login details can also be used to obtain a digital PASS card (downloaded from your phone’s app store, search for RCA-Pass) which can be used on the day to collect your ticket(s) from the Owners & Trainers entrance. 

Log into the PASS System



Update on the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners

Last month the ROA took the decision to make changes to the way the badge scheme for owners was operated and to work directly with the racecourses. This decision was not taken lightly and was done following a prolonged period of review of the scheme with the RCA.  Following that decision, we have at the request of the RCA, been in further discussions with them about the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners to ensure any future agreement properly reflected the contribution owners make to the sport.  

These conversations have given both the RCA and the ROA time to reinforce how the scheme works for the benefit of owners and we are delighted that we have been able to agree a proposal that sees a significant step change in the arrangements to enhance the owner's experience.  

It is important that the ROA drives change on behalf of racehorse owners, and our objectives were clear.  The new arrangements ensure that the owner’s investment into British Racing is recognised, alongside their ROA membership, and that the system being used is engaging and streamlined for owners and the racecourses. 

If you wish to attend on the day, please ensure that you have your RCA PASScard and ROA membership details or your new digital PASScard to enable seamless entry on course. 

We will be harmonising the use of the PASScard to make the administration easier for everyone, including closer interaction between owners and the racecourses and a co-branded digital PASS card, ensuring your experience is enhanced throughout your ownership journey.  We’ll also be building access to racing for more owners as the ROA evolves its membership tiers, creating options for your ownership needs whether as a direct owner, through shared ownership or a racing enthusiast.   

Once again, the ROA thanks you for your patience and we are here to support you and are delighted that we have reached a swift conclusion to the benefit of owners.  We would also like to thank the racecourses who during this interim period have ensured that owners have been able to attend the races with ease.    As ever if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the ROA team on [email protected].  

Which meetings can I attend?

A full list of participating fixtures are in the ROA Members Area. 

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How do I know if I am a Registered Owner?

If you are a sole owner, in a partnership or a syndicate manager you will have registered with the BHA and become a Registered Owner.

I own shares in syndicates - do I qualify for the scheme?

Yes, all ROA Members now qualify for the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners

I have applied for tickets under previous schemes - will these be honoured?

If you have already applied for an upcoming fixture, please be assured that we will process this application for you. 

Mobile PASS Card

The RCA have now introduced a mobile version of the PASScard -  The Mobile Privilege Access Swipe System (PASS) Card.

This allows PASS Members to have their PASS card on their mobile phones. Racecourses can scan the QR code on the app to grant the member access.

PASS members need to download the ‘RCA PASS’ app from either the app store (apple devices) or the Google Store (android devices)

Apple Devices
1. Go to the app store on your home screen
2. Search for ‘RCA PASS’
3. Click ‘Get’ next to the app name, at this point you may be asked to enter your Apple ID.
4. Click ‘open’ once the app has downloaded
5. The app can now be found on your mobile home screen

Android Devices
1. On your device, open Google Play Store
2. Search for ‘RCA PASS’
3. Click ‘Install’ next to the app name, follow the onscreen instructions
4. Click ‘open’ once the app has downloaded
5. The app can now be found on your mobile home screen

PASS Help Deck - Mobile PASS Card User Guide.pdf 1


If you have any queries about the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners please call the office on 01183 385680 or email [email protected].