Syndicates and Clubs

Racing Syndicates and Racing Clubs offer a cost-effective way to experience the thrill of ownership. It also provides a way to meet new friends and experience racing from the inside.

You should always speak to the racing club or syndicate organiser at length to get more information and the financial commitment involved before signing up. Always make sure you have a written agreement in place.

What is a Syndicate?
A syndicate member shares the ownership of the horse with others in the party.

Have a read of our essential guide below. There's also our handy agreement templates for syndicates to get you set up and started.

The ROA counts many of its members from syndicates and we welcome all syndicate members to join the ROA. We have a great range of benefits including free racecourse admission which our syndicate members love.

For information regarding which clubs and partnerships are affiliated with the Racing Syndicates Association (RSA), please visit their website:

Syndicate Template Agreements can be found below.


What is a Racing Club?
A racing club is set up and the club is the owner of the horse. Members of the club will have no ownership rights.

Again, Racing Club members are welcome to join the ROA and we count many Racing Club members in our ranks. You can still use a number of our benefits including free racecourse admission through our ARC scheme, VIP parking, racing discounts and more.

Racing Club Template Agreements can be found below.


Code of Conduct

The BHA requires those running syndicates to abide by a Syndicate Code of conduct.  The Code was introduced to ensure syndicate members are better protected and informed when entering into syndicate ownership.  A list of Frequently Asked Questions outlines more around the Code and aspects of a  syndicate’s terms and conditions. These can be found here…

Syndicate Code of Conduct and FAQ



Racing Club Code of Conduct and FAQs



Racehorse Syndicates - the essentials

Over 60% of racehorses trained in Britain are raced in some form of co-ownership. This helps share the costs and increase the fun of the experience.

The ROA see syndicates as a valuable introduction into ownership and to get the most from experience we have come up with seven tips to consider before you join a syndicate:

  • Read the Syndicate agreement carefully, to ensure you are clear on all aspects of costs, factional interests, duration of the syndicate, liability and management. A FREE syndicate template is available below.
  • Weigh-up the pros and cons of the available options to match your expectations and situation.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pre-arranged stable visits can be a very enjoyable aspect of ownership, so you may wish to check how often you would be welcome to visit.
  • Be clear on what you’ve entered into. Is the horse owned or leased? Will you receive a share of any prize-money won?
  • Check whether the horse you are involved in is insured (against all risks of mortality). Some owners choose not to insure, but members of syndicates can usually insure their proportion of ownership if they wish.
  • Establish the frequency and method you can expect to receive updates, and who your point of contact will be.
  • Ensure you have some form of third-party liability insurance cover. Owners may be vulnerable to claims even when their horse is in someone else’s possession. Members of the ROA receive £10m cover as part of their package of benefits.

Whatever the type of syndicate, the ROA always strongly recommends that its members sign up to a syndicate agreement to ensure they are all clear on aspects of costs, factional interests, duration of the syndicate, liability and management. Indeed, it is our experience that disputes are much more likely to arise when no agreement is in place.


Syndicate and Racing Club Agreements

To assist those in syndicates, the ROA has introduced a set of template agreements. These are available in the Members' Area as editable Word Document versions of the templates which can then be adapted to meet a syndicate’s requirements. Here they are published for information purposes as PDFs.

ALL syndicate members are welcome to join the ROA and we are proud to have many making up our membership. Syndicate members can enjoy a range of benefits and these include free raceday admission, daily owner updates, digital racecards, free day passes to watch their horse run, discounts and a monthly subscription to The Owner Breeder.

Further guidance on all aspects of ownership can be found in the ROA’s free 60 page online Guide to Racehorse Ownership.

ROA Syndicate Agreement Template (Multiple Horses) (002).pdf


ROA Syndicate Agreement Template (One Horse) (002).pdf


ROA Racing Club Agreement Template (002).pdf
ROA members can download editble versions of the Syndicate Agreements from within the Members Area.

In The Paddock

In The Paddock is a website designed to help discover the thrill of ownership. It offers a range of search functions to find UK-based shared racehorse ownership options to suit all pockets. is an interactive destination that is aimed at anyone considering getting involved in racehorse ownership for the first time and which showcases just how accessible, affordable and exciting it is to be part of the action.  

As well as providing useful information on the different facets of racehorse ownership, visitors are able to search for racing clubs and syndicates to suit them using the search function which filters results by cost and payment terms, location, their jump or flat preference, as well as the average number of club members and the numbers of horses in training. They are then able to view the club or syndicate’s unique online profile where they can find out more about what is offered and get in touch with the racing manager directly.

There is also a wealth of information on the site including a step-by-step guide of key points to consider when thinking about entering racehorse ownership for the first time and insight from current syndicate and racing club members on their experiences in a number of blogs and video case studies.

One of the key aims of the site is to demonstrate how affordable and accessible racehorse ownership can be, with visitors able to search for membership options from as little as £100 and with over 60 syndicates and racing clubs from across the UK to choose from. Each ownership entity is able to create their own online profiles and be listed on the site for free.

For more information visit