Raceday Curtailment Scheme

The ROA Raceday Curtailment Scheme - provided by Weatherbys Hamilton LLP, will provide a payment of £100 to any members who own at least 51% of a horse that had been due to run at a meeting that is abandoned after at least the first race has taken place.

The scheme has been set up in collaboration with Weatherbys Hamilton, insurance brokers for the ROA's Third Party Liability Insurance scheme.

On average, around 200 horses and their owners are affected each year when a race meeting is curtailed after racing has started. This scheme has been introduced with the aim of reducing the financial blow to an owner who is left disappointed that their horse is unable to race but still has incurred transport costs, both for the horse and, often, themselves.

Members do NOT need to apply for this Scheme. As long as the affected owner's ROA membership is up to date the payment will be made automatically.

Terms and Conditions

  • Available exclusively to ROA members as a benefit of membership.
  • Weatherbys Hamilton will pay £100 to the owner of a horse when it is unable to run as a result of the meeting being abandoned for the day after at least the first race has been run.
  • The payment will be made to an ROA member who owns at least 51% of an eligible horse. Alternatively, if in total, at least 51% of a horse is owned by ROA members, the payment will be made to the ROA member with the largest recorded share of ownership or to the first nominated partner.
  • The payment will only apply to declared runners and is not applicable to any published non-runners at the time of abandonment.
  • The scheme is confined to race meetings in the United Kingdom.
  • The entirety of the remainder of the meeting needs to be abandoned in order for the compensation scheme to be activated.


Latest News

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29 December 2022

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28 December 2022

Raceday curtailments to the fore

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