About Us

The Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) promotes and protects the interests of racehorse owners in Great Britain. As one of the British Horseracing Authority’s shareholders, it plays a central role in British racing politics and finance.

The ROA has a Board of nine members, and comprises of elected and appointed directors, according to the ROA’s Articles of Association. 

The ROA is funded almost entirely from membership income. Members pay £261 (including VAT) annually and they receive a host of wide-ranging membership benefits, that supports the process of purchasing a racehorse and the ongoing experience of racehorse ownership.

The ROA is a founder member of the Horsemen’s Group, an organisation which represents owners, trainers, jockeys, breeders and stable staff. The ROA was instrumental in launching the Horsemen’s Tariff Scheme to recommend minimum prize-money levels, and prize-money agreements. The ROA is also represented on a number of other Racing Bodies and Committees.

The ROA is run by a team of seven. The organisation offices are in Reading.

Watch our video outlining the work the ROA has undertaken over the last 70 years: 

70 Years of the ROA


ROA Articles

Members can access the ROA's Articles of Association by downloading the PDF below:

ROA Articles.pdf


ROA Aims

  • To work with racecourses and the BHA to ensure the funding of the sport is improved through both the 2020 Fixtures and Funding Review and 2019 Prize-Money Agreements, with an emphasis on prize-money, particularly at grassroots level.
  • To work with racing’s other stakeholders, the government and betting industry to create a sustainable financial basis for British racing, with a focus on the operation of pool betting, resulting in increased returns to racing.
  • To work collaboratively with racing’s stakeholders, the government and betting industry to ensure the Horserace Betting Levy Board delivers against its agreed aims and objectives.
  • To deliver and lead the Industry Ownership Quality Mark, supported by the ROA Gold Standard Award, focusing on working with racecourses to provide continuing enhancements and improvements to owners’ racecourse experience.
  • To continue to improve benefits by further developing the programme of events for all ROA members, both raceday and non-raceday, while expanding the packages and opportunities offered to members and increasing the spread of participating racecourses and venues.
  • To lead the Ownership Strategy for British Racing, building on the initiatives developed to date to support and promote ownership involvement of all types, while working across the industry to implement them.
  • To ensure the ROA plays a key role in the new independent Horse Welfare Board, in setting and implementing an industry-wide welfare strategy to which everyone involved in British racing adheres.
  • To continue to ensure the ROA takes a key role in improving welfare standards for both current and ex-racehorses through the ROA’s Gold Standard initiative, the industry-wide ‘The Horse Comes First’ campaign and the Retraining of Racehorses charity (RoR).
  • As one of the key stakeholders within the racing industry, to work to secure a regulatory regime that is proportionate, fair and brand-enhancing for British racing.

Read Jackson Parker’s 'A History of the ROA' for further information about the background of the Association.