ROA Board

The ROA has a Board of 13 members, plus the ROA chief executive. Elected Board members are required to stand for re-election every four years. Most Board members are elected through an annual ballot amongst all members of the ROA, and there is an opportunity for the Board to co-opt members to widen the skillset and knowledge of the team.

Every 6 months individual Board Member’s compliance with the ROA’s Articles of Association is reviewed with respect to meeting attendance and qualifying owners’ criteria. We confirm that at present all current Directors are in full compliance.

To get in touch with any of the ROA Board members, please email [email protected]


Charlie Parker image
Charlie Parker

Joined Board: 2015. Elected President: 2021

Positions and companies: Elected to Board 2015 Owner of Crimbourne Stud Limited and Director of various other leisure and insurance businesses. Chief Executive the Club Company and the Country Club Group.
Years as owner: 25
Roles and responsibilities: ROA representative on the Thoroughbred Group, BHA Board, BHA Audit Committee, BHA Nominations Committee, Gambling Strategy Group.  ROA Finance and Risk Committee, ROA HR Committee, ROA Nominations Committee.

Alan Spence image
Alan Spence

Joined Board: 2017. Elected Vice President: 2022

Positions and companies: Chief Executive, Britannic Travel 1970 - 2006
Years as owner: 46
Roles and responsibilities: ROA Finance Audit and Risk Committee, ROA Jockey Renumeration Working Group

Mark Albon image
Mark Albon

Joined Board: 2022

Position and companies: Retired Oil and Gas Trading Manager
Years as owner: 9
Roles and responsibilities: ROA Jockey Renumeration Working Group, ROA Owners Working Group

Stephen Appelbee image
Stephen Appelbee

Elected 2023

Positions and Companies: Non-executive Chairman, Chief Executive and serial entrepreneur in the healthcare industry
Years as Owner: 34
Role and responsibilities: ROA HR Committee,  ROA Owners Working Group

Khalid Almudhaf image
Khalid Almudhaf

Joined Board: Co-Opted 2021

Positions and companies: Board Member of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Board member of the Public Authority of Industry Chairman of Hygiene Products Industries Company, Vice Chaiman of MTC Group Holding Company.
Years as an owner: 26

Philip Davies image
Philip Davies

Joined Board: 2021

Years as owner: 18
Roles and responsibilities: HBLB, Betting Liaison Committee

Celia Djivanovic image
Celia Djivanovic

Joined Board: 2018

Positions and companiesSolicitor at Lovell White Durrant, Lay member Avon & Somerset Police Authority, Events Committee of British Horse Trials, Trustee of The Horse Trust.
Years as owner: 9
Roles and responsibilities: ROA HR Committee, ROA Owners Working Group, RoR:  ROA Representative,

Tom Goff image
Tom Goff

Joined Board: 2019

Positions and companies: Director – Blandford Bloodstock, Epsom Downs Race Committee
Years as an owner: 19 
Roles and responsibilities: Bloodstock Integrity Forum

Mouse Hamilton-Fairley image
Mouse Hamilton-Fairley

Joined Board: 2021

Positions and companies: Dual purpose trainer 2000 - 2011
Years as owner: 35 
Roles and responsibilities: ROA Nominations Committee, ROA Owners Working Group, BHA, Equine Safety Steering Group: ROA Representative

Gay Kelleway image
Gay Kelleway

Joined Board: 2020

Positions and companies: Trainer, company director Gay Kelleway Racing, Trainer and jockey
Years as owner: 30+
Role and responsibilities: ROA Owners Working Group

Ken McGarrity image
Ken McGarrity

Joined Board: Co-opted 2021

Positions and companies: Group Finance Director (non-executive), Nairns Oatcakes Group
Years as owner: 15
Roles and responsibilities: ROA Finance Audit and Risk Committee,  ROA Scotland Representative,  ROA Jockey Renumeration Working Group

Dr Jim Walker image
Dr Jim Walker

Joined Board 2023

Positions and Companies: Chief Economist, Managing Director
Years as Owner: 24
Role and responsibilities: ROA Nominations Committee

Chris Wright CBE image
Chris Wright CBE

Joined Board: 2016

Positions and companies: Co-opted to ROA Board 2016. Co-founder and Chairman of Chrysalis Group 1968 to 2011. Previous TBA Board Member.
Years as owner: 35