Owner Sponsorship

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Since its inception in 2004 over 60,000 ROA-sponsored horses have run in races under its various guises. The benefit is valued by members as it allows them to register for and reclaim the VAT charged on the purchase price of their horse and many associated fees. This can represent an annual VAT recovery of over £4,700 for each horse, benefiting owners to the tune of £7.5m each year.

Since 1 January 2020 the Scheme has operated under the banner of the Tote and we’re delighted they are continuing to support in 2023. The Tote has three logos that can be carried on owners’ silks highlighting the Tote’s most popular bet and its digital platform: TOTE, TOTE PLACEPOT and TOTE.CO.UK. These three logos will be available on a rotational basis as horses join the Scheme.

Should I be sponsored?

  • Owners who secure sponsorship for their racing activities can register for VAT.
  • Owners can reclaim VAT on the purchase price of their horse (if applicable) and this can be claimed up to four years after the purchase of the horse if owned 100%.
  • Owners can also reclaim VAT on their racing expenses – including training fees, transport costs, veterinary fees and jockeys fees – backdated up to six months. This can represent an annual recovery of over £4,700.
If you are not already registered for VAT, just think of the savings that could be made!

Does the ROA provide sponsorship?...


  • The ROA runs the Tote Owner-Sponsorship Scheme.
  • This will provide sponsorship for horses in training which are wholly owned by ROA members.
    • In the case of a Racing Club or Syndicate, then all club/syndicate managers need to be ROA members in order for the horse to be eligible for the scheme.
    • Where the horse is owned in a Partnership, all owners need to be ROA Members.
  • A sponsorship payment of £100 per horse is made to the owner entity once the particular scheme their horse is sponsored under has closed. This is paid into their Racing Account.
  • There are four schemes running throughout the year - January, March, July and September.
  • Each scheme runs for a full 12 months.
  • Sponsored horses will need to carry a Tote logo on the chest and collar of the owner's colours. There are no provisions for branding on attendant's clothing or horse rugs.

How do I  apply for the scheme?

Download the Owner-Sponsorship Agreement Form and send it to the ROA office either by post or email [email protected]

  • Call the office on 01183 385680
  • Complete the form below
Sep 2023 contract to owners.doc


Sep 2023 contract to owners.pdf


If you have any questions on the Tote Owner-Sponsorship scheme please contact 01183 385680 or by e-mail to [email protected]

Need logos?

Should you require Tote logos please contact John at Horse Requisites on 01638 664619 and pay the required fee (£20 + VAT).

Horse Requisites also offer a stitching service for new silks requiring logos, which is an additional charge.

Please allow time for postal delivery.

Further information

Maximising Owner Sponsorship image

Maximising Owner Sponsorship

More information on what you can reclaim under the scheme



Reclaiming your VAT is now easier than ever with the ROA VAT Solution.


For more information on sponsorship, members should refer to the BHA Sponsorship Framework for Racehorse Owners (SFRO).


Full Terms and Conditions for the Tote Owner Sponsorship Scheme:

  1. Horses must be registered in the Owners name and listed as in training with Weatherbys to qualify.
  2. Qualifying horses must carry the Tote logo on patches fixed to the chest and collar of the Owners’ silks each time they run in Britain during the Sponsorship Period with the exception of any named races excluded as detailed in the Racing Calendar. The logos conform to the size as detailed in the BHA Code of Conduct.
  3. Upon being accepted onto the scheme for the Sponsorship Period, the Owner will receive a non-refundable payment of £100 per horse (plus VAT if applicable) as the Sponsorship Fee payment.
  4. The owner will pay for the production and fixing of the Tote logos to their silks. Should you require a set please contact John at Horse Requisites on 01638 664619 or [email protected] and pay the required fee (£20 + VAT). Horse Requisites also offer a stitching service for new silks requiring logos, which is an additional charge. Please allow time for postal delivery.

  5. A fee in accordance with Schedule (A)1 is due to the British Horseracing Authority Limited at the time of registration.
  6. The owner confirms that it has full title and authority to enter into this Agreement and is not bound by any previous agreement which adversely affects this Agreement.
  7. The sponsorship agreement must be signed by the owner or one of their representatives.
  8. Sole Owners of participating horses must be members of the ROA. In the case of a Racing Partnership, all owners need to be ROA members in order for the horse to be eligible for the scheme. Where the horse is owned in a Syndicate or Racing Club, all Syndicators or Club managers need to be ROA Members.
  9. For joint-owned horses, Sponsorship payments are made on the basis that the partners share the payment as per their share in the horse.
  10. Any change of ownership during the Sponsorship Period must be notified immediately to the ROA
  11. During UK World Pool race events any Tote logos on the check will be automatically replaced with a specific World Pool logo for display and will be provided on each raceday within the Weighing Room, with no action needed by Owners or Trainers.   

Change of logo on World Pool Days

On World Pool days in the UK, owners will now be asked to carry the World Pool logo on the chest of their silks, instead of the Tote logo. The Tote logo will remain in place on the collar.

The remaining UK World Pool events in 2023 are listed below:

  • Derby Day – Epsom Downs Racecourse, Saturday 3rd June
  • Royal Ascot – Ascot Racecourse, Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th June
  • QIPCO King George Diamond Day – Ascot Racecourse, Saturday 29th July
  • Qatar Goodwood Festival - Goodwood Racecourse, Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd August
  • Sky Bet Ebor Festival – York Racecourse, Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th August
  • QIPCO British Champions Day – Ascot Racecourse, Saturday 21st October

By way of context, World Pool is now in its fifth year, having started at Royal Ascot in 2019. World Pool is a collaboration of 28 pool betting operators from around the globe. During a World Pool event certain pools operated by the UK Tote, and other Totes from around the globe, are notionally commingled with pools operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club to create a “World Pool”.  This results in enormous liquidity, and a multi-million pound betting experience and better value for the customer. World Pool is proving increasingly popular with horseracing fans and is generating new funds and significant financial returns for British and Irish racing via media rights for participating racecourses which is in turn being put into prizemoney increases.

What does this mean for ROA Owners currently sponsored by Tote?

With effect from 1st June ROA Owners displaying the current Tote logos will see these replaced at World Pool events only, with a new logo Velcro on the chest area:

There will be member of the valet team on hand to make the relevant changes in the weighing room on the raceday, therefore no further action is required by Owners or Trainers ahead of the event. 

This is a courtesy note to ensure you are aware of the changes and that the World Pool logos will be displayed across all relevant race dates, as outlined above instead of the existing Tote logos.  If you have any queries or require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the ROA Team on [email protected].

For further details on World Pool please click here.