When you own a racehorse, paying VAT along the way is unavoidable. But reclaiming yours is now easier than ever with the ROA VAT Solution. 

Whether you are an ROA member or not, allow our team to deal with HMRC on your behalf and take the trouble out of reclaiming VAT – giving you more time to focus on the sport you love.  

Our team are on hand to advise and assist in all VAT matters through every stage of your owner journey.  


What is the “Scheme”? 

The Racehorse Owners VAT Scheme was introduced on 16th March 1993 and enables Racehorse Owners to register and recover their racing-related VAT with HMRC. The average saving per owner per year in VAT is over £4,700 based on the average racing-related expenses and excluding any VAT incurred on the purchase cost. 

Why the ROA VAT Solution? 

The ROA has launched a new VAT Solution for Owners driven by a dedicated team with over 20 years’ experience of The Racehorse Owners VAT scheme. 

Alongside the teams' experience and knowledge, the service is powered through the market-leading XERO accounting software which is fully compliant with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital requirements introduced in April 2019. 

Who can subscribe? 

Racehorse Owners registered with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) are eligible to apply for a VAT registration with HMRC under the Racehorse Owners VAT Scheme. In addition, a sponsorship agreement covering the racehorses must be registered with the BHA, and the horse will need to be recorded with Trainer at the time the BHA’s D1 or D2 form is authorised. For information on how to take advantage of our Tote owner sponsorship scheme as an ROA Member click here.  Once the ROA has been authorised to act as your VAT agent with HMRC we will take care of your VAT affairs, from completing the VAT registration on your behalf through to submitting your quarterly VAT returns. 

Alternatively, owners who are already registered for UK VAT under the Racehorse Owners VAT Scheme can simply authorise the ROA as their VAT agent and the ROA will take over their VAT affairs seamlessly. This service is available for both UK and overseas clients, whether they are ROA Members or non-ROA members (see fee table below). 

How will it work?

Whether you are registering for UK VAT under the Racehorse Owners Scheme or would like to instruct the ROA as your VAT agent with HMRC for an existing VAT registration, simply complete the ROA VAT Solution Agent Flyer and submit that to [email protected]. The VAT Solution team then take care of the rest, by working on your behalf with HMRC to register for VAT and on through to the quarterly VAT submissions. Each quarter we will remind you that your VAT return is due and then ensure that all VAT submissions are submitted accurately and on time in line with HMRC’s deadlines. The VAT refund is paid directly into your nominated account, and you will then be invoiced for the ROA VAT Solution fee at the point the claim has been submitted to HMRC.


The quarterly charging tariff is as follows. ROA Members receive a 20% discount:


Please note first VAT returns will be charged based on the number of quarters covered. E.g. 6 months will be 2 quarters. There will be a one-off registration fee of £30 for all new VAT registration numbers, charged with the first VAT return. 

Occasionally, there may be a VAT period where there are no invoices for VAT recovery, for example if you are between horses, or your horse is resting at home throughout the VAT period. In such instances a ‘nil return’ will be submitted and our fee will be reduced to £30 plus VAT for all ownership types and ROA membership statuses



For owners with existing VAT registrations

  1. Complete the Agent Flyer, ensuring all fields are competed accurately and the form is signed. 
  2. Please submit all signed forms to [email protected] 
For new VAT registrations 
  1. Complete the Agent Flyer, ensuring all fields are competed accurately and the form is signed. 
  2. Download and complete either D1 or D2 form, depending on your ownership 
  3. Download and complete the Sole, Partnership or Syndicate registration detail form.  
  4. Once completed please submit all signed forms to [email protected] 

All forms are in editable PDF format. 

For all other queries contact us at [email protected] or speak to one of our team on 0118 3385 685 


D1 form

Use a D1 to register an individual owner (sole proprietor), company or Racing Club for VAT.

Partnerships and Syndicates should use a D2 form.   

D1 Form.pdf 2


D2 Form

Use a D2 to register anPartnerships and Syndicates for VAT.

An individual owner (sole proprietor), company or Racing Club should use a D1 form.   


D2 Form.pdf 2



Owner Sponsorship  image

Owner Sponsorship

Join our Owner Sponsorship scheme to register for and reclaim your racing VAT

Maximising Owner Sponsorship image

Maximising Owner Sponsorship

More information on what you can reclaim under the scheme