Royal Ascot 2024

General Information

Current Going

Good to Firm

  • Dry overnight to 6.30am Friday. 3.6mm rain recorded over the past 7 days to 6.30am Friday.
  • The forecast is for fine and dry weather today, Friday and possibly fine and dry all week.
  • There is the threat of some showers tonight and tomorrow.


  • Watered whole track 5mm Thursday eve/night.
  • Watered whole track with 5mm Wednesday eve/night.
  • Watered straight course 5mm and round course 4mm on Tuesday eve/night.
  • Watered Straight Course 5mm on Monday and Round Course 5mm Monday night

For access to the live weather station and for the latest Going info please go to

If you would like to keep up-to-date on all the latest weather and going details ahead of the Royal Ascot, full details can be found on the course's dedicated website page - here.


Royal Ascot - Saturday

2.30pm Chesham Stakes (Class 1) (Listed Race)

12 Seaplane Declared at 09:45 on 21/06/2024. (Vets Cert (Other) (Abnormal Scope ))

5.05pm Wokingham Stakes (Class 2) (Heritage Handicap)

25 28 Gorak (FR) Declared at 08:00 on 21/06/2024. (Self Cert (Not Eaten Up))

Royal Ascot - Friday

3.05pm Commonwealth Cup (Class 1) (Group 1) (British Champions Series)

Elite Status Declared at 09:11 on 21/06/2024. (Self Cert (Knocked Joint))

3.45pm Coronation Stakes (Class 1) (Group 1) (British Champions Series)

10 Devoted Queen

Declared at 08:20 on 20/06/2024. (Self Cert (Tied Up))



Duke of Edinburgh Stakes (Class 2 Handicap)

1m 3f 211y

4.25pm Duke of Edinburgh Stakes (Class 2 Handicap)

La Yakel Declared at 07:03 on 20/06/2024. (Self Cert (Abscess))

14 Teumessias Fox (IRE) Declared at 11:16 on 20/06/2024. (Self Cert (Going))

5.05pm Sandringham Stakes (Class 2 Fillies' Handicap)

30 Lou Lou's Gift Declared at 07:03 on 20/06/2024. (Self Cert (Bad Scope))

Royal Ascot - Thursday

2.30pm Norfolk Stakes (Class 1) (Group 2)

Evening Saigon (IRE) Declared at 14:58 on 18/06/2024. (Declared in error)

3.45pm Ribblesdale Stakes (Class 1) (Group 2)

Forest Fairy (IRE) Declared at 06:25 on 20/06/2024. (Self Cert (Going))

4.25pm Gold Cup (Class 1) (Group 1) (British Champions Series)

Trueshan (FR) Declared at 08:37 on 20/06/2024. (Going)

5.05pm Britannia Stakes (Class 2 Heritage Handicap)

24 Bergamasco (IRE) Declared at 11:52 on 19/06/2024. (Other (This horse has been sold privately as of now and therefore cannot take up his race engagement ))

27 Miletus (IRE)Declared at 10:49 on 19/06/2024. (Other (Will run at Royal Ascot on Saturday 22nd June - Golden Gate H'Cap.))

32 Grey Cuban Declared at 12:46 on 20/06/2024. (Other (Other))

6.15pm Buckingham Palace Stakes (Class 2 Handicap)

22 Awaal (IRE) Declared at 17:39 on 19/06/2024. (Vets Cert (Other) (Skin Disease))


12 Ropey Guest Declared at 08:34 on 20/06/2024. (Self Cert (Not Eaten Up))

Royal Ascot: Wednesday

2.30pm Queen Mary Stakes (Class 1) (Group 2)

19 Glorious Kitty (IRE) Declared at 07:44 on 19/06/2024. (Going)

3.05pm Queen's Vase (Class 1) (Group 2)

Grosvenor Square (IRE) Declared at 20:38 on 18/06/2024. (Going)

5.05pm Royal Hunt Cup (Class 2) (Heritage Handicap)

19 13 Silent Film Declared at 12:46 on 18/06/2024. (Vets Cert (Respiratory Infection))

26 26 Imperial Fighter (IRE) Declared at 12:25 on 19/06/2024. (Self Cert (Not Sound))


5.40pm Kensington Palace Stakes (Class 2 Fillies' Handicap)

15 Vetiver Declared at 15:01 on 19/06/2024. (Going)

6.15pm Windsor Castle Stakes (Class 1) (Listed Race)

14 21 Jm Jhingree (IRE) Declared at 11:09 on 19/06/2024. (Vets Cert (Lame))

Royal Ascot - Tuesday

2.30pm Queen Anne Stakes (Class 1) (Group 1) (British Champions Series)

13 Royal Scotsman (IRE) Declared at 09:01 on 18/06/2024. (Self Cert (Bruised Foot))

3.05pm Coventry Stakes (Class 1) (Group 2) 6f

19 Andesite Declared at 08:48 on 18/06/2024. (Self Cert (Injured in Box))


5.40pm Wolferton Stakes (Class 1) (Listed Race)

Certain Lad Declared at 15:26 on 18/06/2024. (Going)

Owners with a runner

This year Royal Ascot are boosting prize money to a total of £10 million across the five days, with the minimum prize fund rising to £110,00, whilst the Group 1 races increase to a minimum of £650,000. 

Car Park 2 Picnics

Owners and trainers’ picnics in Car Park Two are an important part of the fabric of Royal Ascot. We are extremely proud that the whole racing community from around the world congregates there before and after racing and want to do everything we can to protect this tradition. In order for us to do this, however, we do need to seek everyone's co-operation in maintaining these picnics as just that. In recent years, the level of activity in the Car Park has expanded to include cooking equipment, professional caterers (including waiting staff), branded marquees (including with stable names) and DJs. This has changed the nature of the Car Park and made parking difficult for many people, especially those arriving close to racing who are there with runners/rides and need to park quickly. We are kindly and politely asking this year that these concerns are borne in mind in everyone's interests and to save embarrassment on the day as activity will be monitored.


Owners Badges 2024

This year Owners’ badges will be personalised with horse’s name and owner’s individual silk colours.

Named badges will no longer be available.   

Owners’ badges are the equivalent to Queen Anne Enclosure, but allow access to the Owner and Trainers’ bars & facilities. 


Option A)

  • Six complimentary owners’ badges with lunch in the Owners and Trainers dining room. 
  • The option to purchase an additional four owners’ badges, which will be £90 each Tuesday and Wednesday, £99 each Thursday – Saturday.  no lunch

Option B)

  • Ten complimentary owners’ badges (no lunch)

Parade Ring access: 

  • Six by race parade ring passes per runner


Full details for Royal Ascot Owner and Trainers

2024 Owners and Trainers Royal Ascot Brochure 

Booking Badges

Booking opens 48 hours before the race, after declarations.

(not live yet for owners or trainers). 




Schedule of the Week

Tuesday 18 June

2:30pm: Queen Anne Stakes (Group 1)
3:05pm: Coventry Stakes (Group 2)
3:45pm: King Charles III Stakes (Group 1)
4:25pm: St James’s Palace Stakes (Group 1)
5:05pm : Ascot Stakes
5:40pm: Wolferton Stakes (Listed)
6:15pm: Copper Horse Stakes

Wednesday 19 June


2:30pm: Queen Mary Stakes (Group 2)
3:05pm: Queen’s Vase (Group 2)
3:45pm: Duke of Cambridge Stakes (Group 2)
4:25pm: Prince of Wales’s Stakes (Group 1)
5:05pm: Royal Hunt Cup (Heritage Handicap)
5:40pm: ​​​​​​​Kensington Palace Stakes​​​​​​​
6:15pm: Windsor Castle Stakes (Listed)

Thursday 20 June

2:30pm: Norfolk Stakes (Group 2)
3:05pm: King George V Stakes
3:45pm: Ribblesdale Stakes (Group 2)
4:25pm: Gold Cup (Group 1)
5:05pm: Britannia Stakes (Heritage Handicap)
5:40pm: Hampton Court Stakes (Group 3)
6:15pm: Buckingham Palace Stakes

Friday 21 June

2:30pm: Albany Stakes (Group 3)
3:05pm: Commonwealth Cup (Group 1)
3:45pm: Coronation Stakes (Group 1)
4:25pm: ​​​​​​​Duke of Edinburgh Stakes​​​​​​​
5:05pm: Sandringham Stakes
5:40pm: King Edward VII Stakes (Group 2)
6:15pm: Palace of Holyroodhouse Stakes

Saturday 22 June

2:30pm: Chesham Stakes (Listed)
3:05pm: Hardwicke Stakes (Group 2)
3:45pm: Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Stakes (Group 1) ​​​​​​​
4:25pm: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jersey Stakes (Group 3)​​​​​​​
5:05pm: Wokingham Stakes (Heritage Handicap)
5:40pm: Golden Gates Stakes
6:15pm: Queen Alexandra Stakes



join the ROA copy.jpg 1


Tote sponsorship

Tote-sponsored owners will now be asked to carry the World Pool logo on the chest of their silks, instead of the Tote logo on World Pool days. Over the five days of Royal Ascot, the following will be wearing the logo:


5.40 Wolferton Handicap:

Astro King – Capture The Moment, Carter and Lofthouse

3.05 Coventry Stakes:

Up The Clarets – James and Scott Fyffe


2.30 – Queen Mary

Sands Of Havana – The Cool Silk Partnership

3.05 – Queens Vase

Pappano – Ms Rachel D S Hood

5.05 – Royal Hunt Cup

Imperial Fighter – Jim & Claire Limited and Jon & Kay Collins

5.40 – Kensington Palace

Roarin’ Success – Paul Inglett

Elim – Julie and David R Martin and Dan Hall

Ciara Pearl – Andrew Stonehill

6.15 - Windsor Castle

Fuji Mountain – Steve and Bea Ryan Limited


2.30 – Norfolk Stakes

Loom - Peter Timmins & John Rhodes

3.05 – King George V Handicap

Go Daddy - Perspicacious Punters Racing Club

3.45 – Ribblesdale Stakes

Danielle - Mr A. E. Oppenheimer

5.05 - Britannia Handicap

Blue Lemons - Sullivan B'stock/ Merriebelle Irish Farm


3.05 – Commonwealth Cup

Lake Forest – Tony Bloom & Ian McAleavy

4.25 – Duke of Edinburgh

Bague D’Or - Mr S Fustok

(Reserve) Ziggy - Sarabex and Aragon Racing

5.05 – Sandringham

Nocturnal – Ladyswood & Ptnrs

Lou Lou’s Gift - Mr A. E. Oppenheimer

6.15 – Palace of Holyrood House

Matters Most – Mr Robert Ng

Pilgrim – Mr H. D. Atkinson

Hedge Fund – Foursome Thoroughbreds

(Reserve) Completely Random - Paul Inglett and Beckhampton


2.30 – Chesham Stakes

Brian - Mr T R Lock & Partner

Moon Sniper - C L A Edginton & A J Niven

3.45 – Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Stakes

Millstream – Mr P. W. Harris

Quinault – TJE Racing

4.25 – Jersey Stakes

El Bodon – Mr P. W. Harris

5.05 – Wokingham

Wodao – Jim and Claire Ltd and Jon & Kay Collins

Strike Red – Mr Peter Timmins

5.40 – Golden Gates

Primo Lara – Mr P. W. Harris

Redhot Whisper – Mr R. S. Brookhouse

Tote World Pool

Tote Worldpool is in operation on all five days of Royal Ascot

What is World Pool?

Like we do in the UK, many other countries operate a Tote betting system, where money is bet into a pool and those who back the winner take their share.

World Pool allows bettors from all over the globe to bet into a single pool, bringing them together into one multi-million pound betting bonanza.

Racing fans from countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, France and the USA will all effectively be betting into the same pools as the UK audience for each race.

What does that mean for bettors?

By having a number of different countries betting into the same overall pool, it means racing fans can pit their wits against bettors from all around the globe. More importantly though, it means that there will be more liquidity in the pools, with opportunities better value as a consequence.

With more individuals betting into the pool it means that big stakes bettors will have less of an impact on the dividend, providing more robust betting opportunities.

Take the Royal Ascot meeting last year for example, a £1 win stake on every winner across the meeting would have returned 9% more to punters who bet with the Tote than at SP.

Plus, there was better value in the exotic markets with the pools, with the Trifecta beating the Tricast equivalent in 72% of the Ascot races.

UK runners could be underestimated by the international pools, or the raiders could be looked over by the UK Tote customers. This difference of opinion could ensure a bigger price that one might be expecting about certain horses on the day.

At British Champions Day, Tote beat SP on five of the six winners on the card, so there’s plenty of value to enjoy courtesy of World Pool.

How much money is bet into World Pool?

World Pools were available on both Royal Ascot and British Champions Day last year, where bettors had the chance to win a share of some monumental pools. At Royal Ascot, £137 million was bet into the World Pool, up from £92 million the year before, and we could see even more this year.

As well as the straight Win and Place markets, World Pool will be in operation for a number of Exotic bets such as the Tote Swinger and Quinella, which were involved last year, plus new additions the Exacta and Trifecta. 

Some of these bet types are extremely popular in other racing nations, even more so than the Win market. For example, last year at Royal Ascot, there was nearly £2 million more bet into the Quinella pools than the Win pools across the meeting.

Will Tote+ still apply?

We’re delighted to say that Tote+ will still apply on all World Pool bets. So, by betting directly at Tote, not only can you enjoy the brilliant value the huge pools throw up, but you get an extra 10% on top of your winnings.

Are there any bet types which aren’t World Pool?

The Placepot and our other multileg bets won’t be commingled. The Tote Exacta is another pool which will only be available to UK bettors.

How can I watch World Pool races?

You can watch every World Pool race live at by simply logging into your account having previously made a deposit.

World Pool Bets

From Tuesday to Thursday Tote bets will feed into the World Pool, enabling racing fans from all over the globe to bet into a single pool. This creates huge liquidity and  value for racing fans. In 2021, £363 million was bet into the pools with a 15% higher return to a £1 bet, for online customers of the Tote, compared to the industry Starting Price.

There are seven bet types in World Pool for 2022, including the Exacta and Treble for the first time:

  • Win (Single Leg bet) – Pick the winner of the race

  • Place (Single Leg bet) – Pick a horse to be placed. Hong Kong place terms apply

  • Exacta (Single Leg bet) – Pick the first two horses in the correct order 

  • Trifecta (Single Leg bet) – Also known as the Tierce. Select the winner, the second, and the third horse in the correct order

  • Quinella (Single Leg bet) – Select the first two finishers in either order

  • Swinger (Single Leg bet) – Also known as the Quinella Place, pick two horses to finish first, second or third in any order

  • Treble (Multi Leg bet) – Pick the first horse in three races 

Placepot Pointers

Day 3

Andrew Mount - Placepot Pointers – Royal Ascot, 

Placepot Pointers – Royal Ascot, Thursday, June 20th


WHISTLEJACKET clocked a fast time when bolting up in Listed company on soft ground at the Curragh early last month and the faster ground won’t be an issue on breeding. It’s tempting to bank on Aidan O’Brien’s son of No Nay Never but I also want back-up in the shape of SHAREHOLDER, who overcame greenness to score at Beverley on his debut.

10 Shareholder

13 Whistlejacket



Those drawn in the five lowest stalls have provided just one winner from 50 runners in the past ten years (handicap blot Hukum in 2020) and it should pay to ignore those drawn very low. GOING THE DISTANCE (stall 18) is three from three since his racecourse debut and holds obvious claims, while FOURONEOHFEVER (stall 13) is unbeaten on turf. Chester maiden winner GALLANTRY (stall 15) completes the shortlist.

4 Going The Distance

9 Fouroneohfever

13 Gallantry



Charlie Appleby’s unbeaten DIAMOND RAIN should be the first port of call for Placepot punters, though with the memory of stablemate Notable Speech underperforming in the Queen Anne Stakes still fresh in the memory it might be wise to have back-up. SIYOLA failed to settle when third to Diamond Rain at Newbury and will appreciate the bigger field/strong pace. DANIELLE was only third when favourite for the Lingfield Oaks Trial but the faster ground will suit and she’s open to further improvement.

1 Danielle

2 Diamond Rain

12 Siyola



It’s possible that 2022 winner KYPRIOS isn’t the same horse since his return from injury but a haul of eight wins and two seconds from his last ten starts makes him difficult to leave out of the Placepot perm. If he does bomb out completely then CAIUS CHORISTER could be the one to take advantage. David Menusier’s mare loves fast ground and has form figures of 111112022 (5-9) in the May to July period. COLTRANE’s course figures of 121251 (3-6) suggest that he should also be thereabouts.

1 Coltrane

3 Kyprios

10 Caius Chorister



QIRAT won well at Goodwood on his first start since a gelding operation and holds obvious claims. SAFWAN, ex-French, should have no problems with the quick ground on breeding and looks interesting on his debut for Ralph Beckett. The ground is probably quicker than ideal for MICKLEY but he’s two from two on straight tracks on turf and his patient running style will be an asset. STARLORE got no luck in running behind Qirat at Goodwood and can also be included in the perm.

5 Starlore

19 Qirat

23 Mickley

26 Safwan



The Charlton yard has a history of landing the London Gold Cup Handicap at Newbury with future Group winners and KING’S GAMBIT, who bolted up in that contest last month is going to be difficult to beat. Banker.

7 King’s Gambit


Tom Marquand video special

Tom will go through his mounts on the card daily - let's hope he finds some winners!

Tuesday 18 June




rp-uk-royal-ascot-wp-v2-17x6 (2).jpg 1

Sky Sports Racing

Sky Sports Racing are still utilising the Attheraces twitter feed as their digital partner. 


19 February 2024

ROA Racecourse Accreditation 2023

31 courses have received the Gold Standard for 2023

18 January 2024

Ascot Racecourse and Tote sign new five agreement

The agreement will strengthen and grow pool betting in the UK.

12 August 2023

Shergar Cup - thanks from Ascot


30 January 2023

ROA Racecourse Accreditation 2022

Results for the 2022 ROA Racecourse Accreditation scheme announced

30 November 2022


This represents an annual uplift of £1.33 million (8.5%) against 2022 figures.