Be Horse Aware Campaign

19 December 2019

Be Horse Aware campaign

The Be Horse Aware campaign was introduced earlier this year to promote safety in equine areas. The campaign draws from the existing Code of Good Practice which was co-written by industry stakeholders and supported by the Racecourse Association (RCA), ROA and National Trainers Federation to ensure all have a safe and enjoyable experience when in close proximity to racehorses. 

The whole of British Racing is asked to support the Be Horse Aware campaign and Code of Good Practice. The Fundamental principles aim to limit access to only those who require access to equine areas and to increase awareness of the dangers that can be associated with being around horses.

Simple measures can be taken to avoid unnecessary accidents in and around equine areas, so we would appreciate your continued support and cooperation on this campaign.

Only those with genuine reason to be in an area of close proximity to horses should be admitted into them. The most popular areas where horses and humans come into contact, namely the Pre-parade Ring, Parade Ring and Winner’s Enclosure can easily become overcrowded. For the enjoyment, safety and practicality of all connections, officials, racing staff and horses, we ask everyone not to enter such areas without legitimate reason.

The RCA advise that it is intended to reinforce the strict prohibition of children under 12 in and around equine areas. Although this has been a regulation for some time, Be Horse Aware aims to reinforces this message, and with good reason. The safety of all connections and racegoers is paramount, especially young children.

Stakeholders’ continued support and cooperation of the campaign message and practices will help enhance and improve owners experience and safety on a raceday.


Horse awareness training

The National Horseracing College at Doncaster runs Horse Awareness and Horse Courses on February 25 and October 20.

These are day long courses, which will look at horse behaviour, the theory of approaching horses, dangers of the parade ring, etc.

There is a basic horse handling course in the afternoon where delegates are encouraged to handle horses, know how to approach them, how to safely lead them etc.

The cost is £85 + VAT per person which includes lunch and refreshments.

For further details check or call 01302 861008 

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