BHA Rule Change - Point-To-Point regulations

08 October 2021


The following changes to the Regulations for Point-to-Point Steeple Chases will be introduced for the 2021/22 season.

Regulation 75(i)

Reducing the time-period for when a 5lb penalty for last season wins is imposed in Open Races programmed, with the penalty only applicable until 1 March.

Stop Flag colour change

Amending the stop race flag colour to mirror the orange and yellow quartered flag used under Rules.

Weighing out – Regulation 111(i)

Maintain rider declarations at 60 minutes prior to the race (as opposed to 45 minutes pre-COVID).

Applications for authorisations and fixtures for meetings – Regulation 62

Amend to 1 July the deadline by which applications for authorisations and fixtures for meetings must be made to the Point-to-Point Authority Office, and adjust to £300 (including VAT) the accompanying application fee.

Horse eligibility

Regulation 32 (iii). Adjust the deadline for registering Hunter Certificates to 12pm on the Thursday before Entries Open, rather than Friday.

Regulation 34. Prevent a horse that started the season running in a Point-to-Point and subsequently ran under rules from returning to Point-to-Point in the same season.

Regulation 34 (iii) and (iv). Extend for another year the trial of the 28-day rule for movement from Under Rules to pointing.

Judge – Regulations 25 (i) – (iii)

Permit the Judge to correct their raceday decision within five days of the race (subject to BHA confirmation) and enable the BHA to correct the decision within 14 days of the race, in line with the position under Rules.

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