Syndicate or Racing Club licences

24 May 2024

The BHA has announced that, in early June, they will be introducing a new licence for anyone wishing to manage a Syndicate or Racing Club.

The new licence is part of the wider efforts to support the growth of shared ownership and give customers increased confidence in how syndicates and racing clubs are managed and regulated.

Through the licensing process, the BHA will be able to better evaluate and support syndicators and racing club managers by providing greater clarity and consistency about their role and the requirements placed on them under the Rules of Racing.

Once the new licence has been introduced, any person or company with ultimate responsibility for the finances, promotion and/or management of a Syndicate or Racing Club will need to ensure they are licensed to do so by the BHA.

The BHA will contact all existing Syndicators and Club Managers directly in early June with more information and guidance on how to apply and what is required. Should you have any questions in advance, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Ownership Team at the BHA via [email protected].

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