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About the ROA

The Racehorse Owners Association promotes and protects the interests of racehorse owners in Great Britain and has a membership of over 8,000. As one of the British Horseracing Authority’s shareholders, it plays a central role in British racing politics and finance.

The ROA has a Board of 12 members, The board comprises elected and appointed directors, according to the ROA’s Articles of Association. The current ROA President is Nicholas Cooper.

The Board convenes ten times a year and these meetings are also attended by the ROA Scottish Representative, Ken McGarrity.

The ROA is funded almost entirely from membership income. Members pay £249 (including VAT) annually and for this they receive a host of wide-ranging and a package of membership benefits, that supports the process of purchasing a racehorse and the ongoing experience of racehorse ownership.

Read Jackson Parker’s 'A History of the ROA' for further information about the background of the Association.

The ROA is a founder member of the Horsemen’s Group, an organisation which represents owners, trainers, jockeys, breeders and stable staff. The ROA was instrumental in launching the Horsemen’s Tariff Scheme to recommend minimum prize-money levels, and prize-money agreements. The ROA is also represented on a number of other Racing Bodies and Committees.

The ROA is run by a full-time team of eight. The organisation shares offices in High Holborn with the governing authority of racing, the British Horseracing Authority.

Watch our video outlining the work the ROA has undertaken over the last 70 years: 

ROA Articles

Members can access the ROA's Articles of Association by downloading the PDF below:

  New ROA Articles

ROA Aims

  • To work with other members of the Horsemen's Group to bring about a dramatic improvement to the financial state of British racing, thereby enhancing the quality of our sport and allowing British-trained horses to compete more effectively on the international stage.
  • To obtain a much-improved return to owners from prize-money by seeking additional contributions from racecourses and increased returns via the Levy.
  • To reduce the percentage of prize-money that originates from entry fees.
  • To ensure that the views of owners are represented within the various bodies involved in the running and funding of the British racing industry.
  • To support the recruitment and retention of owners and growth of the horse population by encouraging all owners to become members of the ROA and providing support and a package of benefits which supports the process of purchasing a racehorse and the ongoing experience of racehorse ownership..
  • To provide third party liability insurance for all members against injury or damage caused by racehorses owned by them.
  • To help owners obtain sponsorship.
  • To improve the raceday experience for owners at all racecourses, with the Raceday Experience used to identify those racecourses that offer exceptional service levels in all areas.
  • To combine with others within the industry to produce a fixture list and race programme that meets the requirements of owners and their horses.
  • To work with the Horsemen's Group and racecourses to exploit British racing's rights for the purpose of boosting revenue from overseas betting operators.
  • To support a humane and compassionate approach to the treatment of Thoroughbred racehorses and encourage positive developments in equine veterinary science.




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