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ROA Aims

  • To work with other members of the Horsemen's Group to bring about a dramatic improvement to the financial state of British racing, thereby enhancing the quality of our sport and allowing British-trained horses to compete more effectively on the international stage.
  • To obtain a much-improved return to owners from prize-money by seeking additional contributions from racecourses and increased returns via the Levy.
  • To reduce the percentage of prize-money that originates from entry fees.
  • To ensure that the views of owners are represented within the various bodies involved in the running and funding of the British racing industry.
  • To support the recruitment and retention of owners, encouraging all owners to become members of the ROA by providing support and a package of benefits that enhances the experience of racehorse ownership.
  • To provide third party liability insurance for all members against injury or damage caused by racehorses owned by them.
  • To help owners obtain sponsorship.
  • To improve the raceday experience for owners at all racecourses, with the Raceday Experience used to identify those racecourses that offer exceptional service levels in all areas.
  • To combine with others within the industry to produce a fixture list and race programme that meets the requirements of owners and their horses.
  • To work with the Horsemen's Group and racecourses to exploit British racing's rights for the purpose of boosting revenue from overseas betting operators.
  • To support a humane and compassionate approach to the treatment of Thoroughbred racehorses and encourage positive developments in equine veterinary science.


Racehorse Owners Association
1st floor, 75 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LS

Telephone: 020 7152 0200

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