BHA Participant Fees for 2024

22 December 2023

Please see below a communication from the BHA around 2024 participant fees, following a great deal of work to mitigate significant increases to the BHA Budget. The new fees will be posted on the BHA website today.


The BHA Board has recently agreed that participant fees for next year will rise by 6%.

This means that an existing sole owner will see fees rise by approximately £27.60 for the year (£25.14 for ROA members), while for an existing four-person partnership, the per-person increase will be around £6.90.

This rise is necessary, not only to sustain the normal business functions of the BHA – particularly ongoing investment in key areas like equine health and welfare – but also to support the extra work required to deliver British racing’s industry strategy.

As you will be aware, the BHA is leading and coordinating this strategy work on behalf of the industry, with the aim of growing racing’s revenues and securing our sustainable future – the benefits of which we hope will be seen through returns to the sport in the longer-term, principally enhanced prize money.

We know that fee rises are never desirable, especially at a time where everyone across the industry continues to feel the effects of wider cost pressures, and this has been reflected in below-inflation rises in the previous three years. However, please be assured that we will always work to identify additional savings in day-to-day operations, while ensuring that we maintain the quality of service expected by our participants.

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