Minimum rating for Grade 2 Pattern Races introduced

24 September 2021

The BHA Board has given its approval to the introduction of minimum ratings for horses running in Grade 2 Jump Pattern races, a practise which is already in place for Grade 1s. This comes following a general proposal emanating from the PJA, which was subsequently discussed by the BHA Racing Group and considered in more detail by the Jump Pattern Committee.

Following relevant analysis, the requirement will be for a horse to have a minimum rating or assessment of 120 (110 for mares’ races) to run in Grade 2 WFA Jump Pattern races. A minimum rating will not apply to any Grade 2 races restricted to novices.

This minimum rating is to be included within relevant race conditions from October onwards.  The rating restriction will be reviewed by the Pattern Committee at the end of the 2021/22 season to assess its impact.

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