Rupert Arnold to step down as NTF chief executive

07 September 2021

The National Trainers Federation (NTF) has announced that its longstanding Chief Executive, Rupert Arnold will step down from the role at the end of this year.

Rupert was appointed in August 2000 and has overseen a significant expansion in the range of racing industry issues covered by the NTF and its services to members.

Reviewing the last twenty-one years, Rupert Arnold said, “I have had so many amazing opportunities in my time at the NTF and for that I will be forever grateful to trainers. Although it brings many challenges, nothing can surpass the range of experiences in this role. I would like to thank all the NTF Presidents who have helped me so much by imparting their knowledge and understanding of racing. But most importantly, I want to thank the NTF executive team. We work so closely together and each one of them is incredibly dedicated to helping the membership; the service they provide is second to none. This is epitomised by their response to the Covid pandemic. They deserve the highest praise because they left nothing in the locker in how they supported trainers through the crisis.

“As for the future, I will be doing some consultancy for the NTF and would like to think that my experience could be useful elsewhere in the sport.”

Emma Lavelle, President of the NTF, said, “The NTF is enormously grateful for the work that Rupert has done on behalf of all trainers over the last 21 years. He has helped us meet a range of challenges both at home and within the wider racing industry and has worked tirelessly in the process. We are very pleased to continue to have access to his experience and advice in his consultancy role and wish Rupert well in all future endeavours.”

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