ROA Racecourse Accreditation 2023

19 February 2024



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The ROA Racecourse Accreditation Scheme was launched in 2019 as an independent review of owners’ raceday experiences, using a defined set of criteria and assessed by AA Hospitality Services, which also provided constructive feedback.

The scheme has continued to evolve as part of the process and in 2022 an owners’ feedback section was introduced, allowing owners to share their thoughts on their raceday experience. Racecourses achieving an AA mark of 80 or above and an owners' feedback score of 4 or above are awarded the Gold Standard to signify exemplary performance.

Since its introduction in 2019 we have seen significant and positive steps being taken by the racecourses to ensure that the owners’ experience is treated with paramount importance.  We are delighted to see that the average AA scores have therefore increased to 82%, and in 2023 a total of 31 racecourses have achieved the ROA Gold Standard.

Our goal, in collaboration with racecourses, is to improve and enhance the raceday experience for owners. The ROA and racecourses recognise that going racing with a runner is the pinnacle of being an owner, and we want to ensure that it is a memorable experience which exceeds expectation.

The two tables below show the Accreditation league table results for 2023 and relevant scores, along with the prize money table for 2023.  This provides a complete overview for owners to review as part of their continued investment to British Racing.



2023 Prize Money League Table

The tables set out the average prize-money at each fixture staged by a racecourse in 2023 and breaks it down to the three sources of prize- money: racecourse contribution, Levy Board (HBLB)  funding, and owners (via entry fees). The table also confirms the number fixtures staged and the  total amount of prize-money paid out by each racecourse
Abandoned fixtures are not included in the table, but the abandonment of a valuable fixture could well have a negative impact on a racecourse’s performance.
The racecourses are ranked by the average amount of their own contribution to prize-money, which comes from various sources, including media rights, admission and catering  revenues, and race sponsors.

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JCR - Jockey Club Racecourses
ARC  - Arena Racing Company
I - Independently owned racecourse

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- Gold Standard Award

* includes £1.2m in BHA Development Fund spend
** includes British Champions Day